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Friend to Friend Video

Freemasonry in Ontario Programme



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We hope you enjoy this movie. It is available on tape at all Masonic Lodges in Ontario. Share a viewing with your family.

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This sixteen (16) minute video, produced in Ontario by Ontario Masons, is the keystone of the public outreach programme and the initiative to improve the quality of our membership.

"Friend To Friend (Freemasonry in Ontario)" takes the viewer on an informative, exploratory journey of Freemasonry from early Ontario to the present day through the voice and eyes of a modern-day Mason. The video basically answers the who, where, why, and how and what about Masonry. Its objective is to entertain inform, stimulate questions and clarify what Masonry is and what Masons do. It also reinforces the Mason's commitment to his family and highlights his community work.

The video explains the basic principals, goals and beliefs of Masonry. It takes a reflective look back at how Masonry flourished in early Ontario and its influence on modern-day masons throughout all of Ontario today. It shares factors that may have influenced decisions to become part of Freemasonry. It answers some important philosophical and moral questions that may have been asked at one time or another. The video illustrates how today's Mason practices his Craft through involvement in a host of community, charitable, educational and social endeavors. No phase of Masonry is left out of "Friend To Friend (Freemasonry in Ontario)" and a lot of questions from how to become a Mason to qualifications for joining are covered.

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