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Our Officers
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Our Officers for 2018


Worshipful Master

  W. Bro. David Randle  


Immediate P.M.

  W. Bro. Steven Johnson  


Senior Warden   W. Bro. Doug Bridges  


Junior Warden   Bro. Trevor Harrison  



W. Bro. Keith Etsell



Treasurer   R.W. Bro. Robert McKinnell  



V.W. Bro. Matt Burke



Senior Deacon   Bro. Ron Zavarella  


Junior Deacon   Bro. Chris Lowry   289-756-0082
D. of Ceremonies   R.W. Bro. Lou Domjan   905-692-5510
Inner Guard   R.W. Bro. Glenn Jarvie   905-975-7120
Tyler   W. Bro. Bruce Davis  


Senior Steward      


Junior Steward        
Historian   Bro. George Wood  


Financial Reviewer   V.W. Bro. Andy Lowden  


Financial Reviewer  

V.W. Bro. Matt Burke






Our Representatives for 2018


Hamilton Masonic Board of Relief

    W. Bro. Doug Bridges 905-574-7647


Central Masonic Bureau

    V.W. Bro. Matt Burke 905-323-5415


Masonic Foundation of Ontario

    R.W. Bro. Robert McKinnell,  905-692-5211




Our Committees for 2018


Executive Committee

Chairman - W. Bro. Doug Bridges, S.W. (905-574-7647) with all Officers, Past Masters and other members welcome (first Wednesday of the month, except July and August)



Chairman - R.W. Bro. Robert McKinnell, Treasurer (905-692-5211) with the Master, Secretary and two Financial Reviewers


Sick & Visitations

Chairman - W. Bro. Doug Bridges, S.W. (905-574-7647) with assistance of any Officer or member



Chairman - Bro. Trevor Harrison, J.W. (905-308-9356) with Stewards


Masonic Education

Chairman - W. Bro. Doug Bridges (905-574-7647) with Bro. Trevor Harrison (905-308-9356)


Blood Donors

Chairman - V.W. Bro. Robert McCormick (905-772-0383)


Mentors and Posting

Chairman - R.W. Bro. Lou Domjan (905) 692-5510 with V.W. Bro. Gary DeGrow (905) 692-4076, R.W. Bro. Marvin Smith (905) 517-5392, R.W. Bro. Michael Martin (905) 765-6743 and R.W. Bro. Glenn Jarvie (905) 975-7120


Ticket Chairman

Chairman - Bro. Chris Lowry (905) 302-7749


Brother to Brother Program

Facilitator - W. Bro. Doug Bridges (905-574-7647)


Cornerstone Project

Coordinator - Bro. Dan Macnab (905-772-3236)


Telephone Committee

Chairman - Bro. Fred White (905-387-5137)



Chairman - R.W. Bro. Robert Forbes (905-574-1142)


Binbrook Masonic Temple Corporation

President - R.W. Bro. Marvin Smith

Vice-President - W. Bro. Steven Johnson

Treasurer - R.W. Bro. Robert McKinnell

Secretary - V.W. Bro. Matt Burke

Director - R.W. Bro. Lou Domjan

Director - W. Bro. Ken Tomlinson

Director - V.W. Bro. Gary DeGrow




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