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History of Hamilton B District

In 1795 the first Lodge to call Hamilton its home was The Barton Lodge which held its first meeting at Smith's Tavern in Hamilton. Then in 1799 the second Lodge in the Hamilton area was established at Forty Mile Creek (Grimsby) and was called Union Lodge. The original District was called The Gore District and stretched from Grimsby to Oakville. Immediately following the the end of World War I there were 8 Lodges formed in this vicinity.


When the Grand Lodge of Canada was formed in 1855, Hamilton Masons were in the Western District, that portion of Upper Canada lying west of Toronto. With such rapid growth in the numbers of Lodges after World War I, in 1923, Hamilton District was split into Hamilton A (16 Lodges) and Hamilton B (15 Lodges). Redistribution in 1974 created three Hamilton Districts with 14 Lodges each.


The Districts are laid out in a very distinctive pattern with regard to geography. Consider the Hamilton Masonic Centre as the point of intersection of all three Districts, because each has a responsibility for approximately three or more Lodges that meet there. Hamilton A comprises all the Lodges on the north of the Lake from Oakville to the Hamilton Masonic Centre (Scottish Rite). Hamilton B comprises all the Lodges south of the Lake from Grimsby to Hamilton Masonic Centre. Hamilton C takes in the westerly sector from Ancaster and Dundas to Hamilton Masonic Centre (one of the smallest in area for Ontario).


Today Hamilton B District consists of 7 Lodges and approximately 1000 members. Union Lodge No. 7 in Grimsby being the oldest Lodge with a Warrant Constituted on December 17, 1799 has enjoyed more than 200 years of Masonry. The Harmony Lodge No. 57 in Canfield, Battlefield Lodge No. 61 in Hamilton, St. Andrew's Lodge No. 62 in Caledonia, and Wentworth Lodge No. 166 in Stoney Creek have all surpassed 150 years. St. Andrew's Lodge No. 593 in Hamilton, and Hillcrest Lodge No. 594 in Hamilton have all surpassed 100 years.


Information based on the brief history booklet presented by Norman G. McCarthy with appreciation to C. A. McCarthy and R. W. Newton


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